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Program updated on 07 Aug 2015

Business Meetings

The Working Group Meeting Request website is now closed.

For last minute requests please contact Delphine Michel,

Working Groups Meeting Space Request

If your working group or committee will be meeting at the IS2015, be sure to fill out and submit the Request for Meeting Space Form early as space is assigned on a first-come, first served basis.

NOTE: Meeting space will not be available during plenary sessions.

As meeting rooms are limited, all requesters are asked to request only the time needed. Should the meeting end early, please notify the registration desk that the room is available for reassignment. During the symposium, any meeting room observed as unoccupied for 15 minutes or more (in non-break periods), may be reassigned to an on-site requestor without additional notice.

Please note:

  • WG and Committee meetings Monday through Thursday can be booked on a first-come, first-served basis in two hour blocks (that align with the overall symposium structure taking into account plenaries and breaks).
  • Only one meeting block per WG and Committee can be booked Monday through Thursday (i.e. one 2-hour block during the 4 days).
  • Please be careful in your assignment of open/closed meetings. Closed meetings are those with a pre-specified audience with a meeting agenda that is not suitable for general participation, such as Ways & Means, or CAB meetings.

The above restrictions apply to make the best use of the venue, and in order to increase the emphasis on the Monday through Thursday symposium as well as give everyone an equal opportunity to participate in papers, panels, exhibitors, and the invaluable exchanges that take place during the symposium.

IS2015 Core Meetings and Working Groups Schedule

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TimeMeetingOpen / ClosedRoom

What is the difference between an open and closed meeting at the IW and IS?
INCOSE values transparency in all its actions and activities. An open meeting is one in which you can just drop in and start contributing to the work of the participants - in true workshop style. Closed meetings are those with a focused agenda and an audience qualified to address the agenda. In many cases, you can reach out to the chair of a meeting in advance - either to join the group or to observe. In some cases, it may be inappropriate; for example, the CAB is for Corporate members; the CAG is the advisory group for Certification discussing sensitive topics where the meeting must be closed to protect the integrity of the process and the certification.


Papers are available online and can be downloaded at no charge to participants at the symposium. Wiley is also preparing our official proceedings. Instructions for downloading papers during the event follow.

Login on the website, enter the email address you used for the symposium registration and the confirmation number sent by email.

Use the Menu to open the Technical Program. Then you can navigate through the program to download individual papers or all papers.
You will have a button to download all papers, and all key reserve papers. If you want to download only one papers, click on the correct paper, and then a button will appear to download the paper.

Please note that the website will be available until Sunday, 30 August.

download Presentation Procedure

Final Manuscript Submission Due: Due 27 March 2015

The INCOSE International Symposium

The INCOSE International Symposium is the premier international forum for Systems Engineering. Participants network, share ideas, knowledge and practices, and learn more about the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and issues in Systems Engineering.

Technical Questions
Dag Bergsjö
Chair Technical Program

Submission Questions
Karin Moens
ASK International Conference

Final Submission Directions

Notifications & review feedback were sent on February 20, 2015.

  1. The submission site is now closed for new submissions. We wish to thank all the authors for their contributions to the technical program.
  2. For accepted papers, panels and tutorials, final submissions are due March 27, 2015. Updates to the final submission can be made up to March 27, 2015.
  3. Prepare your final submission by following the latest templates for preparing the final submission found in the Download section.
  4. Make sure all IP Release Forms and Tutorial contracts (when relevant) are filled out, signed & returned to INCOSE as directed. These will also be found in the Download section of this site.
  5. Key Reserve Papers / Posters - Please send an electronic version of your Poster to prior to June 15, 2015 if you wish it to be printed by INCOSE and waiting for you at the venue. Sorry, after this date, poster presenters are responsible for printing and bringing their own posters with them.

Note: Final submissions may be removed from the program for the following reasons:

  1. If the submission deadline of March 27, 2015 is missed; the date was selected based on lead-time to prepare symposium materials, therefore, delayed submissions may be removed from the program.
  2. If the IP Release Form is not signed and returned by March 27, 2015; this permission is needed by us to publish and advertise your submission with your name.
  3. If reviewer requests were not addressed in the final submission; acceptance was contingent on the reviewer requests (if any) being addressed.
  4. If the presenter fails to register for the symposium in a timely manner; Paper Presenters, Poster Presenters, Moderators, and Panelists are required to register for the symposium before May 22, 2015. The registration site will open in April.




Social Events

Ice Breaker Reception

Monday, July 13 1800 - 1930
Exhibit Hall, Evergreen Ballroom, Lobby Level

Recharge and reconnect at the annual Ice Breaker Reception! Enjoy beverages and canapés while you connect with new acquaintances and those you may see only occasionally during the year. This evening provides a chance to gather with your colleagues in a relaxed setting in our elegant Exhibit Hall.

The Exhibitors’ Cocktail Hour

Tuesday, July 14 1700 - 1800
Exhibit Hall, Evergreen Ballroom, Lobby Level

Mix business with pleasure as you meet exhibitors, chat with friends, and sample cocktails with light snacks in an informal reception surrounded by the latest in technology, poster papers, and research.

INCOSE Banquet

Wednesday, July 15
The Museum of Flight
Departure from Hyatt Regency Bellevue at 1800.
Meeting point: Evergreen Ballroom Foyer - NE, 10th St. side
Cocktail Reception 1900 – 2000
Banquet & Entertainment 2000 – 2300

Join your INCOSE colleagues for an evening of fun and celebration of the 25th Anniversary.
Dress code is business casual.

Closing Reception

Thursday, July 16 1500 - 1600
Grand Ballroom Foyer - Level 2

This reception is the moment for the final networking, exchange of business cards, arrangements for the next meeting, or just a relaxing respite at the end of the symposium.

Mentor Connection

The Mentor Connection is back again – Celebrating our 25th year of practicing Systems Engineering together.

During this special opportunity to connect, experienced members are encouraged to reach out to new members and first-time symposium participants!
The Mentor Connection is an opportunity for seasoned International Symposium attendees to help those new to this forum to maximize their International Symposium experience and at the same time see the symposium themselves through new eyes. Mentors will increase the value of IS2015 for newer members of the INCOSE community by helping those new to the International Symposium make connections, and build personal relationships between systems engineers. They will also encourage participation by helping them navigate the sometimes complicated maze of papers, panels, roundtables and tutorials to find sessions of relevance to them. The Mentor Connection is a volunteer-based activity with no lasting commitments beyond the symposium; we only ask that seasoned veterans with a passion for Systems Engineering and the International Symposium extend a helping hand to those who are first time attendees.
For example: a new attendee to the International Symposium may not know what a “plenary” is or why they should attend, or; what they should expect in a panel discussion. Mentors have an opportunity to lend a hand, and help grow the Systems Engineering community, sharing their experiences, lessons learned, and the value that Systems Engineering has brought them in their day-to-day lives.

Practitioners Challenge

Juniper, Level 3

Monday, 1330-1700
Tuesday, 1330-1700
Wednesday, 1000-1200

Applying Systems Thinking to Epidemic Response

The 25th Anniversary introduces a brand new event - the Practitioners Challenge. The purpose of this Challenge is to engage Symposium participants in a collaborative manner to demonstrate how systems engineering can be used to address and support solutions to global, socio-technical issues. For the inaugural Practitioners Challenge, the focus will be on the application of systems thinking methods to epidemic disease response.

A problem statement will be provided to all participants in the Practitioners Challenge on June 15, 2015, along with supplementary materials to be reviewed in preparation for the challenge before the start of the symposium. Participants will meet periodically during the course of the IS in specially reserved rooms. The problem will be assigned to teams of people who will work together to develop views of the problem using specific systems thinking techniques and create artifacts based on these views.

An outbrief on the results will be open to all Symposium participants at the Wednesday afternoon session for the Challenge. A report on the Challenge, including the information for the participants and the artifacts created by the participants, will be published after the Symposium in the INSIGHT Magazine.

  1. Objectives
    The primary objectives of the Practitioners Challenge are:
    • To facilitate participant collaboration on a socio-technical problem and demonstrate the value of applying systems thinking to these types of problems;
    • To gain new insights into the application of systems engineering/systems thinking through the participation of new INCOSE members and members outside of the defense and aerospace domains, in addition to senior members from defense and aerospace;
    • Create a series of artifacts that can be used by participants and by INCOSE to demonstrate this value.
  2. Participation Eligibility
    The Practitioners Challenge is open to all who are registered for IS2015. Vendors who have tools that are relevant to the Challenge are welcome to participate. However, the maximum number of participants will be 40. As one of the objectives is to engage a diverse set of IS2015 participants, including new members and members from multiple industry domains, individuals must indicate their interest when registering for the conference. The Practitioners Challenge team will include as many of those interested as possible and will send a confirmation notification to all of those who apply before June 1, 2015.
  3. Further Questions
    The Practitioners Challenge Chair is Frank Salvatore,

Boeing VIP Factory Tour

Date and time: Friday, July 17 - 9:30am -11am
Meeting point: Hyatt Regency Bellevue
Departure time: 8:30am

The Boeing VIP Factory Tour provides opportunity for an up close, floor level experience of the production process for wide body airplanes at the Everett, WA manufacturing center of The Boeing Company. The tour highlights the evolution of the factory, the largest building in the world, from the 747 to the 787.  The tour also features the moving assembly line used for the 777 airplane, and Boeing¹s advances in Lean Manufacturing.

Factory appropriate footwear required: feet completely covered with low, wide heels. No sandals, high heels or ballet flats.  Athletic shoes recommended.